Day 83/ 365 – First experience with L series lens

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I recently went to Bhigwan to do some bird photography. I currently own 55-250mm lens, but for the trip it was not going to be good enough. So I decided to hire a zoom lens from Primes and Zooms in Pune. I knew I wanted a minimum 400mm lens and decided to rent 100mm – 400mm L series lens. This was my first time using the lens. The good thing about renting from Primes and Zooms is that they allow to pick up the lens an evening in advance. Since the trip was on Sunday, I picked up the lens on Saturday evening and decided to test it out. I wanted to get comfortable using the lens before taking it to Bhigwan. I took the lens and went to the park in Magarpatta city and decided to shoot some pictures. Initially I was not able to focus properly as I was not used this such a heavy lens. Also at 400 mm the pics were appearing shaking. Thats when I realized that due to involuntary movement, the pictures were a little blurry. So I decided to tighten my shoulders a little bit so the lens has better support and that solved the problem of blurry images. The only problem which I faced after taking pictures continuously for an hour or so, was my left wrist which I used to hold the lens started paining. Otherwise, everything was perfectly fine. The only thing that I missed out was – I should have read the features of the lens before renting it out as I would have been able to utilize it optimally. I am definitely going to that next time. Sharing some pictures which I took with this lens before taking it to Bhigwan.

IMG_7820 IMG_7834 IMG_7869IMG_7825

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