Day 94/ 365 – Satyamev Jayate

So after the grand success last year, Satyamev Jayate is back once again this year. Just like last year, the show attempts to highlight the problems which India is facing and just like last year the show will not offer any solutions to any of the problems India is facing. May be the aim of the show is to only highlight the problems India is facing and how badly those problems are affecting the people of this country. However, if that is only aim of this show then I am not sure why viewer like myself and most urban viewers should even watch this show. I mean, we are already aware of most of the problems which this country is facing. May be in some parts of the country, the problem is more severe than others, but the problems are the same. My main issue with the show is that it does not offer any workable solutions which can be implemented or for the solutions it does offer, there is no follow up on if those solutions have been implemented or how they have been faring in the areas where they have been implemented.

Take for example, the show which was broadcasted today, it covered the sensitive topic of rape in India and how nothing has changed since the Nirbhaya rape incident in Delhi.  The show covered, how the rape victims face hurdle at the police stations while registering the complaint for rape, how the hospitals are not really very helpful, how many rape cases are pending in the judiciary and the how the judiciary is very slow in responding to cases which have been registered. I think most Indians are very well aware about these problems. I dont think we need an Aamir Khan to come on a Sunday and tell us the same thing. May be if Aamir Khan was to come and provide a solution which he and his team had worked out with the local authorities, I would still watch this show. However, as of right now this show is nothing more than news hour focusing on just one show. If I have to watch a news show, I would rather prefer watching Arnab or any news channel to watch the same issues.

I know my views on this subject are different compared to a lot of people out there and I know I am going to get a lot of brickbats for this post. However, I stick to my views on this topic – I don’t need a show to tell me what the problems are – we know what they are. What we need to know is how do we resolve those problems and make this country a better place to be.


9 thoughts on “Day 94/ 365 – Satyamev Jayate

  1. I dont agree. Attimes highlighting issues do help in some way to bring in change.
    Knowing the issue is first step for awakening.

  2. I appreciate that Aamir has atleast take the first step in highlighting these issues. And after they are telecasted they for sure create awareness and am sure in the background def he/team would be supporting/helping some causes.

    Indian celebrities hardly do anything for the people of our country… it female feticide, child marriage, education, dowry, population control……

    Lets all support the people behind this show rather that giving our judgement.

    1. Hi Ekta,

      My point is that the issues are not new. I am not sure how much more awareness we need to create about rape in India when we hear about it everyday. We need to understand who the target audience for this show is – is it the urban masses or the rural folks? If it is the urban masses, do you think we need more awareness or we need action? If it is rural folks, do you think they watch the show?

  3. Everyone watches TV in INDIA…..urban/rural. Cable TV is given more priority over family time. Its crazy seeing how people get crazy to watch their daily soaps in the evenings.

    Let’s not pull Aamir down and appreciate whatever little he is/can doing.

    1. What I want is the show to tell us how to tackle those problems. Now in the last show they asked everyone to vote if every state should have a cell which deals with rape situations. Lets say you vote yes. What happens to all those votes? Does the SMJ team plan to follow up with the government until those cells are established or just give the vote count and suggestions to the government? The former is value add and that’s what we should be looking for.

  4. HI
    i am vineeta choudhary from chandigarh. akshay Aamir sir bahut imp topic lete hai aur uske bare mein logo ko aware karte hai aur uske solution ke liye efforts bhi karte hai . mere pass bhi ek issue hai jiska solution hona bahut jaruri hai . jiske bare mein sabko pata hai lekin shayad sab ignore kar date hai .
    wo hai hamare ghar mein kam karne wale maids ke ek alag society. aaj bhi ye kam se kam 6 se 7 baccho ko peda karte hai aur chote chote baccho ko kam par laga date hai aur 14 se 15 saal ki umar me he unki shadi bhi kar date hai. government facilities ke bare mein pata hote hue bhi ye baccho ko padne nahe bhajate. sirf 1% he maid aise hai jo apne baccho ko padate hai. meine unse pucha ke govt. school mein apne baccho ko kyou nahe padate ho,to kehte hai ke agar padaiga to kahenge kaha se . mein puchte hu ke agar khilana baske nahe to 6 se 7 bacche peda kyou karte hai.
    please aap is problem ka bhe solution kijiye .shayad isse hamare population , bal vivah aur child education mein kuch sudhar ho jaye.
    Jai Hind

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