Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion

Ever since the first movie was released, there has been a lot of anticipation for the release of the 2nd movie. I didn’t watch the first movie when it was released. A lot of my friends told me it is a very good movie, but I never had the opportunity to see the movie. And ever since the 2nd movie has been released, it has been breaking box office records everywhere. I watched this movie the day it was released in New York and since then have been going gaga over every bit of the movie. I think I have always loved movies about mythological characters or characters with super powers (no wonder I love all the Marvel movies). I also love reading about mythological characters – explains my love for reading books written by Amish. This explains why I love this movie so much. This is the only Hindi dubbed movie where I have even seen the original Telegu version of the movie as well (obviously with subtitles). It seems to me that everything was perfect in the movie – the story, the characters, the acting, the songs, the background music – everything was just perfect. I have been listening to the Hindi songs of the movie on loop and now Telegu songs as well. My wife says I have taken crazy to the next level because I have probably seen all of their trailers, watched the movie twice (Hindi + Telegu) and watched a lot of the interviews of the actors (things that I have never done for any other movie) and trailer reactions as well. Some of my favorite scenes in the movie are – the introduction of Devsena, fight with Pindharis and fight in the end between Rana and Prabhas (this was just too good).

I really feel that the characters were extremely developed, could be related to and the acting by Prabhas, Rana and Sathyaraj was extremely good. The character of Prabhas (Amarendra Bahuabali) as the righteous son, husband and king was something that any guy could relate to. However, I feel the character of his son could have been developed further. From a character development standpoint, he was completed overshadowed by his father. The VFX effects were also extremely well done for a Indian movie and combined with awesome music by MM Keervani can give any Hollywood movie a run for the money. The entire movie has been released in 4K format and looks really awesome when seen on the big screen. All in all it is one of the best Indian movies to be released after a long time and even though at some stages it was a bit over the top, I have to say no Bollywood can ever come this close to this movie.


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