Yes, lately I have been living in fear whenever I sit in the car. I fear for my life and my colleague’s life. The reason for the fear is the accident I was involved in the last month. Ever since that day, I feel that the cab I am travelling in is going to be hit by something huge.. may be a bus or a truck. Every day when the car takes a U-turn at the intersection where we got hit last time, I make it a point to look to my left and see if there is anything huge coming my way. Everytime the cab driver takes off thinking he is driving the car in the video game, it makes me feel very very scared. I am not scared of heights, or water or fire or spiders. I am not claustrophobic and nor do I have any weird fears, except this. I usually dont think much about things like this. Even in this case, I initially shrugged it off. But now everytime I am on the road, I just feel I am going to get involved in some accident. I have also realised that when it comes to high speed driving I only trust 3 people, my bro, my cuz and myself. Anyways, I am hoping to get rid of this fear as soon as possible.. only time will tell.


Yea.. I am not feeling well. I know for sure I have cold, since my nose would not stop weeping. I also have fever and am feeling very weak. I hate going to the doctor, especially a doctor whom I have never seen before in a entirely new city. I think I am just paranoid about doctors. I dont like it when someone knows more about my body, than me. It just feels weird. And what, I am just supposed to trust this guy and take medicines as he gives me. What if those meds dont go well on me? Or what if the meds he gives me has no effect no me? I think this would mean another visit to the doctor or may be a different doctor all together. So basically we are back to square one. So yes going to a doctor is weird. Well I have spent my entire weekend in the bed, so I might just go to the doctor tomorrow morning. Yes, as much as I hate going to his clinic.. I might just do that. Hopefully tomorrow will be much better than today. 🙂