So yes, the weekend was not so fun. I had a tough time handling the lizards but the good news is most of them are gone (I think so). I also sealed up most of the places from where they might be entering the room/house. Lets see how long the peace lasts.

On the other hand, I did enjoy the rest of my day yesterday, watching movies. I watched Superman Returns and American Desi. I remember watching the latter when I was in my university. It is one of my favorite movies. It is about an Indian-American kid who hates everything Indian. He leaves his house hoping he wouldn’t be facing anymore Indian things in his life, but to his bad luck all his roommates are Indian and he falls in love with an Indian girl. The movie shows how the guy starts warming up to his roomies and how they help him get the girl. The movie is extremely funny.. I would recommend everyone to see it.

Oh well, the weekend is over and it is back to work week. I have too much pending to finish this week. Next week, we have a new guy starting and I will be caught up in training him. I am just hoping things go well and I am able to finish everything on time.

8 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. That sounds like a movie I’d like. πŸ™‚Next week will be tough on both of us at work–I’ll be flying solo without my trainer for the first time.

  2. Lizard hunt….interesting task for the weekend….well you have 2 more to go…so carry on.American desi….awesome movie….simply love it….every time I watch it, it just gets me rolling…yeah would def recommend it tooYeah mondays back to work….yawwwwwwnnnnn….but as the week starts progressing things we get used to it, take all the burn and again there is weekend to relax n cool down….so have fun with your buzy week and good luck!

  3. @SweetK, I thought you had a govt. job. I didnt know you had to fly on solo missions ;).. Good luckYea, the movie is funny, but some of the best scenes are in Hindi, so I dont know if you would enjoy it that much.@la anonyme, the lizard hunt is over. I didnt see a single one of them yesterday, so I am assuming they are gone or dead.Yes, it is an awesome movie.. especially like the Gujju guys character.@Keshi, yes I believe so. I am surprised that you have seen that movie.. Thanks Keshi

  4. American Desi is one of my favs too….good light funny movie.BTW, u were planning to watch The Namesake this weekend….plan nahin banna…kya hua??

  5. @Mehak, No I couldn’t watch The Namesake this weekend..was too busy hunting down the lizards :). Plus I dont like going to the movies alone.. @Keshi, Yes I have seen The Guru, but I wasnt too impressed by it.

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