Awesome lyrics

I have been searching the lyrics for this song since last 6-8 months and finally I have found it… The song is Sapnay by Silk Route from their album Pehchaan. I absolutely love this song. Everytime I listen to this song.. I just feel peaceful for some reason.. my mind just escapes into a different world.. probably one of the only few songs that do this to me.

Here are the lyrics..

sapnay hein sooni raatein
jaane kyon kho gaye
socha tha.. sahil pe milega..
thehra saa ek pal
ek pal

chandni hain ye ratein
phir bhi toote sitare
dhoondte hain yeh zameen pe
thehra saa ek pal
ek pal

andheri daasta, kho gaye kahaan
ham to reh gaye.. phir wahein

aati hai ek sadaa… vadiyoon se kaheen
ajnabi rahon pe milega
thehra saa ek pal
ek pal

andheri daasta, kho gaye kahaan
ham to reh gaye.. phir wahein

9 thoughts on “Awesome lyrics

  1. hey !!i am listening to this song right now!! sapnay is inarguably the MOST amazing hindi pop song i’ve heard!! i wud suggest u listen to ‘jadugar’ by silk route. it will blow your mind!!

  2. Cant agree with u more …i lissun to this song almost everyday once …very soothing to mind heart and soul!! Was wondering if there is a video to the song?

  3. This is really an awesome song with great lyrics and such a soothing melody. Great composition. Mohit Chauhan’s vocals are too good.Someone asked whether this song has a video or not. Well, it does!! I still remember watching the video during my school days on Channel [V]. Oh such a good time spent that was! The video carrys a story of a poor guy working as waiter wanting to win the heart of a girl. He saves money to buy a pair of sandals (which he comes to know she likes) and just before he is going to gift them to her, he sees an old lady whose sandals break right there and he gives those sandals to her. The girl passes by and the lines we hear are, “Hum toh reh gaye, phir wahi” A very simple but nice video, with composers shown in between.

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