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Just read this piece of news, India has the most number of Aids cases. There are an estimated 5.7 million people in India with Aids. Time to make sex education compulsory in schools?

Aamir Khan vs BJP and Quota policy

I have been reading quite a bit of this controversary on the net and still dont understand what the fuss is all about. I dont think what Aamir is saying is wrong. The people displaced by this project have to be rehabilated. The problem with all the government policies when it comes to rehabilitation is they displace people first, and then expect people to find temporary shelters for themselves and then finally they decide to build houses for the displaced people. This is just wrong. Before the government displaces people, adequate effort must be made to rehabilate effected people.

The same thing applies to the quota policy. The government says we will add more seats and also improve the infrastructure. Why doesn’t the governement do the latter first and then decide to apply the quotas. I am totally against the quota system. If the government wants quotas, there should be quotas at primary education level, so everyone when they come out of 10th or 12th are at the same level. Having quotas for undergraduate and post-graduation levels is just not justified. I understand that some people really need the quotas to get into the system, but then my message for them is if you are good enough you will make it no matter with or w/o quotas. I hope that government listens to the students and does not implement this policy. My support goes to the students in this battle and I hope they emerge victorious.

Interesting Rant

MYTH: Women understand relationships; men don’t.

TRUTH: This myth is perpetuated by women, pussy-whipped men, and psychiatrists. If women truly understood relationships… that is, if they understood relationships with men… then we wouldn’t have a 45% divorce rate. Maybe back in the pioneer days women understood relationships. These days, they have coffee with their girlfriends, talk about “men”, examine and dissect relationships, study interpersonal dynamics, talk, talk, talk about what works and what doesn’t, then go out and perfectly screw up their next relationship. I know. I’ve watched it happen from the sidelines.

Women spend more time analyzing relationships; they talk about them incessantly, and in doing so discover more truths than men know. However, all of this talk in a vacuum also means that their heads are filled with more bullshit and myth than are men’s. The combination of superior insight and copious nonsense puts them right back where we are. Men tend to see what’s going on in a relationship more clearly, but have no idea how to express what they see or what to do about it. Women would probably know what to do about it if they could only see it as it truly is, instead of through a fog of preconception.

The other big difference between the sexes is that women are absolutely certain that they know what is going on, whereas men make no such claim. The last man who claimed to have his own radical theories about relationships was Freud, and nobody pays any attention to him any more. It is women’s ideas about relationships and why they do or don’t work that have been imported lock, stock, and barrel into the field of psychiatry. Most male therapists you’ll meet are basically honorary women with university degrees, and as such they don’t really understand relationships either.

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Best entry for a Villain

I was watching Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom and while I was watching it, I realised that I have never seen any villain make such an appearance as Amrish Puri. I think his performance in that movie was outstanding. Even Steven Speilberg, the director, said that he has never seen a more powerful villain than Amrish Puri. I dont think anyone could have played that role better than Amrish Puri. I like the look on his face when he says “Bali Mangti Kali Maa”.. simply chilling.

Shayad lyrics

This song was sent to me by Mehak last week or so and since then it has become one of my favorite songs. The song is called Shayad by the band Call. The reason I like this song is because the song sounds a bit like heavy metal and also the lyrics are good. The lyrics are as follows:

Kal ki Baaton Mein Kya Rakha Hai
Socho toh Kuch Bhi Nahi Sab Khala Hai

Aaj Bhi Kuch Badla Nahin
Kal Jahan Tha Ab Bhi Hoon Waheen

Shayad Yehi Kismet Mein Hai Likha
Manzil Nahin Phir Bhi Main Chal Raha

In Sab Sawalon Mein Kya Rakha Hai
Kyu Main Kuch Sochu Jab Sab Fana Hai

Aaj Phir Usi Maud Pe Hoon Khada
Kis Gunah Ki Seh Raha Hoon Saza

Shayad Yehi Kismet Mein Hai Likha
Manzil Nahin Phir Bhi Main Chal Raha

Aaj Bhi Usi Maud Pe Hoon Khada
Kis Gunah Ki Seh Raha Hoon Saza

Shayad Yehi Kismet Mein Hai Likha
Manzil Nahin Phir Bhi Main Chal Raha

Click play to listen to the song.

Akshay Trivia

Found this on Gundee’s blog and decided to take the test.

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Akshay!

  1. Akshay is the traditional gift for a couple on their third wedding anniversary.
  2. Akshay is the only bird that can swim but not fly.
  3. Two thirds of the world’s eggplant is grown in akshay!
  4. Akshayicide is the killing of akshay!
  5. A bride should wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and akshay.
  6. Akshay has enough fat to produce 32 bars of soap.
  7. All shrimp are born as akshay, but gradually mature into females.
  8. About 100 people choke to death on akshay each year!
  9. If you lick akshay ten times, you will consume one calorie.
  10. It’s bad luck for a flag to touch akshay.

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My version…

Go ahead and open the curtains
We don’t need any darkness
You and me and total separation
Going to leave you tonight

We know I’m going away
How I wish.. you were still mine
Take this heart and break it in pieces
Don’t delay my misery

Nothing to hold tonight
Welcome the break of dawn
Come tomorrow
Tomorrow I’ll be gone

There is a lot of hate in you
And it is hurting me, not you
Tomorrow comes with one desire
To take me away.. its true
It is easy for you to say goodbye
I promise not to cry
‘Cause girl you know I still love you
Lord I wish I could let you go

Tomorrow comes to take me away
I wish that I could let you go
Girl you know I still love you
Lord I wish I could let you go

Nothing to hold tonight
Welcome the break of dawn
Come tomorrow
Tomorrow I’ll be gone

This is my version of Save Tonight. Dont ask why, for whom, how etc. I just felt like writing this.