Land of the free?

NSA now wants to eavesdrop on social networking sites like myspace, friendster and the WEB in general, this includes your emails. What it means is, NSA will have a whole of information about a lot of people who are posting their information online. Is there no privacy left in this country? First the Patriot Act, then NSA spying on the phone calls of people and now the web. Some people will argue that I should not worry since I dont have anything to hide. But what they dont realise is, all this data is shared by all the other agencies. So tomorrow if you and your girlfriend breakup, the NSA will probably have a record of that until the next 20 years if not more. And if something happens to your girlfriend or if you said something in rage which you didn’t mean to, then good luck getting yourself out of the legal mess. This is just one example. There could be so many things which I would not want the government to know or rather the government does not need to know. What happens in my house is my business and not the government’s. The funny and the sad part is people will not even protest as their fundamental right of free living is being slowly taken away from them; all in the name of national security. I guess this country is no longer the land of the free. You are only free as much as the government allows you to be.

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