Damn.. a post after a month

I have been busy with many issues this last one month that I haven’t had any time to post. Here are a few updates from my life.

1. I was home was Rakshabandhan for the first time in 6 years. It felt really good when my sister tied a rakhi on my wrist.
2. I turned 24, a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say it was one of the simplest and yet the best birthday I had ever celebrated. My family was awake at 3:00am when I got in from work. I did the honors by cutting the cake so early in the morning, while they sang the birthday song. The day went even better when someone close to me stopped by my place for a few minutes. At work, we celebrated the birthdays for 7 people who were born in the last couple of weeks. It was a gala time. They got cakes and pizza’s and needless to say they smeared all the birthday guys with cake. All in all it was an awesome day.
3. For all the good news, there is some bad news also. I will be moving to Kolkata next month and that means no more home food.

I cant think of anything much right now.. Things are happening too fast and it is taking me sometime to catch up with them. Hopefully I should be able to clear some of my thoughts and get myself blogging regularly.

One thought on “Damn.. a post after a month

  1. ohhhhh…..havint tied a rakhi to my bro for the past 15 yrs..its always thru cards/letters….Good to know that you are enjoying your work here.Ohh common new city…Its going to be FUN…..

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