Attempt to write a song

It was June when I was first saw you
I was alone and you were new
It seemed like you walked in just for me
Life finally smiled at me

We went out after a week for dinner
Six months later, we were still together
Life could not have been any better

But all good things come to an end
Two months later, we grew apart
I was no longer in your heart

How should I forget you, is what I ask to myself
You have moved on with someone else
I wish that someone could be me
Life is just laughing at me.

3 thoughts on “Attempt to write a song

  1. dude tere poem ka maths kharaab hai… 6 months ke baad you’re still together but 2 months ke baad you’ve split up… So is it 2 months after the 6 months or is it some “we’re together but still apart” kinda high philosophical mega-thought?

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