Update from Kolkata

Ok.. so I am sort of back.. Thanks to the free wireless connection in the neighborhood. I didnt know it existed else this post would have come a lot earlier. Anyways, so I am here in the city of Joy and frankly speaking all my joy has evaporated into thin air. I think I need to get more used to the city. Here are my first impressions of the place so far..

1. Ambassador cars

The city is full of them. It seems like the entire Ambassador population is in this city. They are primarily used as cabs here. Though should say, they do make for very spacious cabs.

2.Pan stalls

Almost every single corner has atleast one pan stall. They eat too much pan here and you are right to assume the city has plenty of red artwork.

3.Durga Pooja time

It seems like the entire city comes alive during this time. I am very fortunate to be here during this time. They have set up pandals in almost each and every street here and the entire city population comes on the street every single night for 4 nights in a row. You will find most shops are closed during the day time and open up during the evening. The people of this city roam the entire city on foot every night visiting most pandals. I have never seen so many people come together at night.. it is really awesome to see hundreds of people, with their loved ones, husbands with their wives, guys with girlfriends, walking together, visiting pandals and getting the darshan.

Well I am missing my family here. I wish they were here with me.


I am moving to City of Joy on Monday. It is possible that I wont be able to update this blog until I have a proper internet connection at my place. It has only been three months since I have been with my family and now I am off again to live alone. I dont think I will ever be with the people whom I love. The last few weeks have been very difficult for me personally. To bring an end to something you have constructed hurts a lot. But I think life moves on and now I have to move on, to another city.

Advanced ancestors

The other day me and my colleagues were having an interesting talk. We were discussing about the Egyptian pyramids and how perfect they were. I was watching this show on the History Channel a few months back which discussed how aliens might have helped build the pyramids. The pyramids are actually aligned based on stars or some zodiac (I am not sure which one though), but the mysterious part is they are not even off by an inch. How could the Egyptians build something so perfect with tools that were available during those times. Those stone slabs must be weight tonnes. How did they carry those at such an height? Did they have cranes? So one of my colleagues said that may be the technology they had in those times was far more advanced than what we have today. And then something must have happened and would have wiped the entire civilization away, taking away all the tools and techniques along with it. Thus we start at the very beginning. This sort of makes sense, but what really struck me were the following arguments by other colleagues. They were like during the time of Mahabharata, they had wireless technology and test tube babies. The backed it up by saying how could Sanjay (chariot rider for king Dhritrashtra) could tell him what happened in the battlefield of Kurukshetra without even being anywhere near it. The test tube babies were explained by the fact that Gandhari, wife of the King Dhritrashtra, had 100 children which came all at once. So I was a little stumped and this has raised this question in my mind. Could our ancestors be so much more advanced than what we are today? Does everything really get wiped out? When will we get wiped out?

Who should take a back seat?

Yesterday while leaving for home, I had a very interesting conversation with my colleague. We were both talking about the increasing hours we were putting in the office and how that leaves no time for him to do anything else. He happens to be married and his wife is also a working woman, who like him puts in long hours. He mentioned to his wife about starting a family, so his wife was like..”Kids, do we have time for that?”

I honestly believe that once you have kids, then it is very much necessary for one parent to be at home. In my colleague’s case, the question becomes very difficult, who should take a step back in their careers? I guess staying in the male oriented society, it is obvious to assume that a woman should stay back and take care of the kids. But I dont think thats right. I dont think it is right to assume that women would sacrifice her career once you have a child. Even in the US, I have observed that women take a back seat when it comes to kids. I have only heard of a few cases where the wife joins the office a week or two after the birth of the child, while the husband takes care of the kid.

I dont understand.. Why is it so hard for men to take a back seat in their careers? Is it the social stigma that comes from the male not working? Or is it just pure male ego? Or is it just that men are not good at bringing up a child? I dont know. But I do know that it is not right to expect the wife to take a back seat in her career, when it comes to starting a family.

I dont understand…

1. Why life is so complicated?
2. Why people turn mean, once they know things are not going their way?
3. Why do people fall in love only to get hurt?
4. Why is it hard to accept a NO from someone you love?
5. Why people value you after you are gone?

Will you accept someone who is not a Virgin?

I was asked this question yesterday and I replied “Yes, I dont think I will have problems, as long as she does not cheat on me.” So to this he said, “How can you accept a woman who has slept with another man?” I didn’t have a proper answer to that question. May be it was because I have stayed in the US for so long or may be because I dont look at someone’s past. But the entire conversation got me thinking, why is virginity so important? Why do people put so much emphasis that their life partner be a virgin? I asked a friend of mine the same question and this is how the conversation went:

Me: Would you have accepted A, if he said he was not a virgin?
Her: Hmmm
Her: Good question
Her: No
Me: why?
Her: Just No
Me: So you would reject him just because he slept with someone b4 u..but even though he loves u, cares for u and is really a nice person??
Her: Yes
Her: Definitely
Her: I just dont approve of this sleeping around business
Her: Guys just have one thing on their mind, when it comes to a relationship
Her: So if he (any guy) has slept with a girl..then he should go and love that girl and care for her
Me: Suppose he happened to be a in relationship, things happened but after that things didnt work out and they break up
Her: I dont approve of this
Me: So why do you think virginity is so important?
Her: Because sex is not a game.
Her: It is pure and involves a lot of emotional bonding.
Me: True

This got me even more thinking.. what is it that makes it so hard to accept someone who has slept with someone else before? Desperately seeking answers..

Mean Women

I have been itching to write this post for quite sometime now. Its been sometime since the BEST introduced reserved seating for women in their buses. The other day I was travelling by it and happened to be standing near a seat reserved for just them. There was a school going kid, barely in 4th grade, sitting on one of the seats reserved for women and a guy sitting next to him. The entire bus is crowded, this lady comes behind me with her friend and asks the guy to give up the seat citing it was reserved for women. The guy apologizes and gives up his seat. So after she takes a seat, she sees her friend is still standing, so she asks the school going kid to give up his seat. The kid does not say much and gives up his seat. He had this huge bag pack, which must be heavy like anything, on this shoulders and he could barely stand with it. I was just amazed by how selfish that woman was. It was not like she was uneducated. She seemed to studying for her MBA. I dont think she will ever become a good manager. After seeing that incident I have decided not to give up my seat for any woman, unless she is old or if she happens to be my mother or my gf.

Farewell Andre

One of the best guys to step on the court.. I am going to miss him play. Here is his on court speech after his final game in his pro career:
” The scoreboard said I lost today, but what the scoreboard doesn’t say is what it is I have found. And over the last 21 years, I have found loyalty. You have pulled for me on the court and also in life. I’ve found inspiration. You have willed me to succeed sometimes even in my lowest moments.”
“And I’ve found generosity. You have given me your shoulders to stand on to reach for my dreams, dreams I could have never reached without you. “
“Over the last 21 years, I have found you. And I will take you and the memory of you with me for the rest of my life.”
“Thank you.”