Minority Appeasement

Before you continue reading, this post isnt against Muslims or other people. This is just my point of view.

In this country we have politicians who will bend our backwards to appease the minority community. So, on one hand we have quotas for all the backward class people, ST/SC/OBC’s etc and then on the other hand we have certain muslim sects which follow their own Sharia laws. What India truly needs is Uniform Civil Code, which is equal for everyone.

We also dont need quotas, but merit should be given a priority. I can understand the need to have quotas at primary levels, so that the person can gain entry into the system. But once he is in, that person should also be judged like the rest of us. Today if we fuck-up the SSC exams or get low scores we would not gain entry into a reputed institute. The same should happen to them, but here we have people who show certain documents and whoosh they are in. While on the other hand, every year we hear or read students who have committed suicides because they have not scored well.This is just plain wrong. And now our government wants quotas at all levels.. no wonder we are losing all our talent to other countries where merit is valued. May be it would be best for other students also to leave and study abroad. It is only when something drastic like this happens that our old blood sucking politicians will understand the value of merit.

Regarding certain religions given special laws and stuff like that.. this is utter bullshit. I mean what crap is this when a husband yells “talaq, talaq, talaq” and he is considered divorced. I read this news article that some muslims were opposed to singing Vande Mataram, the national song, on the grounds of religious freedom. I dont know what else to say except those Muslims cant truly be Indian citizens. I believe their forefathers also use to sing this song during the fight for independence. The song is our own National Song for crying out loud. Our government needs to take some strong actions in certain issues like this. Too much appeasement of minorities is going on and this cant be good for any country. I hope our dear netas are listening..

One thought on “Minority Appeasement

  1. ohh wow post Akshayquotas everywhere….soon they’ll be in the pvt job sector…Even I heard about the Vande Mataram incident…but dont know much details n info….netas..listening..naaa..they are busy building their vote bank.

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