Same news.. different days

While coming from Mumbai on Monday, I was reading the Times of India, considered one of India’s premier newspapers. I also get the TOI at my place in Kolkata, so I was very surprised to see that many of the articles in Calcutta Times on Tuesday were exactly the same as the articles of Bombay Times on Monday. So does this mean that Kolkata is running a day behind in all its news? Or just because in Kolkata we pay Rs. 1.00 per day, while in Mumbai the same newspaper costs around Rs. 3.00, we should get the news a day late? I am really surprised by this. I wish I had yesterday’s Mumbai edition of TOI so I could take some photos of the common articles and post it here.

2 thoughts on “Same news.. different days

  1. I’ve seen TOI repeating their supplement articles as in, in Delhi Times,Mumbai Times they’ll print the same news on two different days..but guess this happens….why are you soo worried about it…as long as you get your daily dose of TOI…look at me….no TOI in Chennai :((

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