I didnt have to go work today because we had a strike ‘bandh‘ as we call it in the local lingo. Now I have no idea why we had this bandh, but all I know is this bandh was planned about three months ago. Funny, how political parties plan strikes so much in advance. It is like preparing for a party. But anyways I spent the day at my house, doing absolutely nothing, except attend a few meetings and sleep. Some of my colleagues unfortunately were not as lucky as I and my team were. They were picked up by 6am and have been in the office since. I just hope that the frequency of all these strikes go down. It is only Dec 15th and we have 3 strikes already this month. It is like anything happens and the best solution to solve that problem is to call a strike. I cant recall any single problem being solved by a strike. It just costs so much economic loss to state machinery and every single working person, but somehow no one realises this in India. I remember a few years ago, some politcal party called for a strike in Mumbai and so everything was shut down. The good part was the next day some citizens filed a lawsuit against the political parties who called the bandh and the court fined those parties a huge sum of like Rs. 2,500,000. And after that the frequency of strikes called by that party has dropped down drastically. I hope someone does the same in this state. I think the best way to stop all these strikes is to hit the political parties where it hurts them most and that is their check books, otherwise I dont think this bandh culture is ever going to end.

2 thoughts on “Strike..

  1. Yeah politics, its played everywhere. The strikes really are a loss, wish politicians would use their brains more effectively and understand that. Anyways, the positive side, you got a day off 🙂

    take care

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