This week so far has been absolutely busy for me. I have been practically living in my office.. morning I am there before anybody on my floor shows up and in the evening I am there until the next day morning. So after working my non-regular hour on Monday evening I was returning home, when me and a colleague of mine got involved in a car accident. It was around 12:30am and we had just dropped a lady colleague and were heading home. We were taking a U-turn and there was a fast approaching truck coming from our left. The truck driver started flashing his head lights, which either our cab driver didnt see or chose to ignore. The truck driver on seeing that the car is still turning, instead of slowing down decided to continue at the same pace and pass through the left side of the road. Unfortunately there wasnt much space for the truck driver to do that and instead of going to the left, he rammed into our car. Since our car was still turning it got hit on the left side.. where I was sitting. I was totally shaken my impact. I hurt my knee and my shoulder, while my colleague was hit on his knee. The truck then hit brakes and then swerved to the right and then tipped over. We were fortunate that in this accident neither party was badly hurt. The truck driver suffered a minor leg cut, while we escaped with some bruises. We were lucky that night, we were in an Ambassador and not an Indica or another small car else it could have been a lot worst. Oh well.. now everytime I pass through the route (which is everyday) I just think of what could have been and how lucky me and my colleague were.

9 thoughts on “Accident

  1. Ohh Gosh…You din’t tell me about this….Lucky you all got away with minor bruises…On another note, this shows how badly the cab drivers in our Country drive….esp IT/ITES bus/cab drives with exactly no sense of road/traffic rules…..I agree that the IT sector has brought in alot of jobs…but do these companies keep a check on their logistic ppl..Usually they give this to a 3rd party to manage digressing way too much… …take care Akshay.

  2. OMG Akshay Im soooo glad ur OK. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ! Why cant u drive ard carefully? I mean I know accidents happen but plz take EXTRA care when u do U-turns. They can be the deadliest turns on the road.I have been in a car accident…when I first got my car. I was shaken like crazy. It can be very scary. But its also a good lesson to be extra careful next time. Thank God ur ok!!TC,Keshi.

  3. @Mehak.. yeh they are usually sleep deprived and then they speed.. ultimate receipe for accident.@Keshi, Yea I am very much Ok and Thxx..It wasnt me who was doing U-turns, it was the cab driver. Yea.. now I am very careful when I come to that intersection. I just tell the driver to go slow.@Keshi, To be honest.. I didnt want to spend it this way.. but then no option. The good part was I had a blast. I dont know what my team members would say.. but I did have a blast.

  4. Darling hope u r ok and all recovered. Big hug to u. Did u do the thing u said u wd do? People from Newcastle are called Geordies and they speak English with a Geordie accent. If you ever heard that, you would think, man, this is not English!

  5. @Kits, Yes I am ok and no..I didnt do it. I think I have heard that term in the movie Goal. It is an awesome movie.. see it if you have not seen it already and yes I did start reading this book sometime back.. just didnt have a chance to update the pic šŸ™‚

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