New Year Hoopla

I really fail to understand all this hoopla about the New Year. I mean what is so special about this day. It is not like, the beginning of New Year washes all your sins, frustrations, etc away. It is not like on the 1st Jan every year, the slate is clean and we have to begin fresh. I mean if that was the case, then I would understand all the revelry associated with the New Year. But thats not the case. It is not like, I woke up today morning with super powers in me and now I am a Superman. I still have the same life, same job, same tensions. Nothing is new. According to some people it is just one night to enjoy, well if thats the case, then I enjoy almost every other Friday/ Saturday. So I simply fail to understand what is the hoopla about New Year’s about. It is very surprising to see almost 6 billion people on the planet be so happy about being served with old wine in a new bottle.

Anyways for those who believe in New Year’s.. Happy New Year to all of you. And for those who dont, Happy Tuesday :).

3 thoughts on “New Year Hoopla

  1. Nice one akshay…I don’t get the party n booze thingie which is like over hyped…What I was wanted was that my dear hubby had hols..& we cud go out for a li’l vacation.

  2. All we need is a reason to be happy….. As it is happiness is doing a diminishing act in our lives…..If the hoopla is about new year aise to fir sab festivals k liye kaha jaanaa hai….diwali…. holi…birthdays….I agree that there should’nt be any unwanted extravaganza….Just enjoy…. life is too small to think about hoopla’s…

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