Life in a Metro

So last evening, I decided to watch the movie, Life in a Metro. I kind of enjoyed the movie, but at the same time I could not relate to the life that the movie shows. The movie shows that almost everyone sleeps with someone else to get to somewhere else. The boss sleeps with his secretary so as to get some peace in his life. The secretary sleeps with the boss to get some additional perks. The bosses wife starts to like someone else but cant go ahead with it because she has a family and according to her lost it for one minute, while the guy really falls for her. Another guy lends his apartment to his bosses so that they can fuck at his place, instead of a hotel and at the same time this guy moves the corporate ladder pretty quickly. A girl gets duped by the guy so that he can hide from the world and family that he is gay and so forth and so on.

While watching the movie, I was like in which world does such things exist, since I didnt know any of my friends, colleagues etc indulge in such kind of behavior. I know some of the people who have sucked up to the boss like anything to get promoted. I have also heard rumors about married people have an extra-martial affair, but that is the extent of knowledge that I know or have. I would be very surprised if I found people who would actually go to such lengths as depicted in the movie. But then again such is life.. you never know who you can end up meeting.