To abort or not to abort?

I am sure most of you are aware of the case, where the Mehta’s decided to approach the high court to allow them to abort their child/ fetus of 26 weeks old on the grounds that the unborn child has been diagnosed with heart complications. Yesterday, the Bombay high court rejected their plea on the grounds that they were not sure that the child could suffer from heart complications. Now, I am no one to comment on this case, but I feel that if such a situation has been diagnosed before the birth of the child, it is best to abort. Just today while returning from the gym, I saw a mentally challenged kid/ young man walking with his grandfather. This person could not even speak or walk properly. All the time while stumbling/ walking, he kept making a peculiar sound. After seeing him, my heart just felt for his parents and grandparents. I don’t know this kid, but even then I was feeling sad for him.. I wonder how sad is family would feel for him. I hope/ know they love him unconditionally, but at the same time I know they must be bleeding a thousand hearts when they see him struggle/ suffer. I guess this is life.. but a person should have the freedom to abort in such cases. What is the use of bringing life to earth when we know he/ she is going to suffer??