Should he wait or not wait?

A friend of mine is going through this situation right now.. He is deeply in love with a girl and they have been dating for quite some time. The girl is also deeply in love with the guy. The guy’s parents have no issues with the girl, but the girl’s parents are not agreeing to their alliance since the kundli’s dont match. Now the girl has moved to a different country and her parents refuse to speak about the guy or the relationship. For them it is a closed chapter. They have been warning the girl that if she takes any steps towards the guy, like marry against our wishes etc, then they will cut off all ties with her. The girl does not want to go against her parents, but at the same time does not want to lose the guy. In the mean time, the guys parents are now asking what happened with the girl’s parents? Have they approved or disapproved? If they have disapproved, do you want us to start looking for you? So far the guy has told them he will let them know. But it seems like his patience is losing. The girl is not willing to commit to him that in case her parents are still against this after some period she is willing to go against them. Obviously, the guy knows that he cant force her to be with him. The girl does not know when she is going to return back to the country, while her parents refuse to speak about this matter on the phone or email. The guy does not know how much longer he should wait for the girl. Should he even wait at all? He was asking me all this and I couldn’t answer anything, hence this post. I hope the girl and guy get to be together, but from what it appears the chances of that happening are very low.