Uninteresting phase of life

I believe the current phase of my life is very uninteresting. The reason I say this is because working 6 days a week in the office does not leave with anything to do. The entire Sunday, I spend either playing computer games or watch TV. I don’t feel like doing anything. It can get very frustrating. The same old life routine during the week also gets to me. Wake up, gym, shower, work, come home, dinner, sleep everyday. Nothing changes in between. period.


I found this on the Pune Times.. this is just funny..

PUNE: It was a sleepless Wednesday night for many citizens in the Pimpri-Chinchwad township and some Pune suburbs, following a rumour that people were dying in their sleep. The ‘reasons’ for the rumoured deaths were many – planetary effect, fast spreading illness and earthquake.

The rumours started spreading around 2 am on Thursday, as people started receiving calls on their phones informing them about the sudden deaths and warning them not to sleep.

Panic and anxiety spread among the people, mostly staying in chawls and hutments. The rumours spread fast as people started calling others on their mobiles.

Sunita Kamble, a resident of Sangvi, said she and her two children stayed awake outside the house after her husband received a phone call around 4 am, saying that people were dying in their sleep.

Another resident Tarabai Janrao too was awake, along with her children and family members, since early morning. Nanda Adhav of Kothrud also said she had heard about the panic that had spread in the locality.

The Pimpri police confirmed that a rumour had spread among the citizens. The rumour also caused anxiety among parents and in some institutions. “We received three- four calls in the morning from some students, a college and a bank employee asking whether the situation is normal and whether people can travel,” the duty officer at Pimpri police station said.

Chandrakant Shendkar of Balajinagar in Katraj told TOI that many residents in the locality did not sleep in the wee hours.

Chetan Chavale, who stays at the hospital quarters near Aundh, said he had received two calls from his relatives staying in Barshi and Tuljapur. “I was told that people were dying in their sleep due to some planetary effect. However, I did not believe it and had a good sleep,” he said.

Sukhdev Bachute of Sangvi said that although he did not believe in the rumour, children were the most sufferers as they were made to stay awake by their parents.

This is the second such rumour that has spread among people since Saturday, when Rakshabandhan was celebrated. As there was a lunar eclipse on Saturday, a rumour had spread among a section of females that if the rakhi was tied then the brother would die. Despite the rumours, the festival was celebrated with much fervour and gaiety.

Random Ramblings

The last few days all of a sudden have gotten very busy. I have been running around from one place to another. Currently, I am working on 3 different projects and all 3 require to me work in 3 different areas. Just last week, I was complaining to my cousin that I don’t have enough work and this week I am overwhelmed with work. But the best part is, I am thoroughly enjoying what I am doing. I think when you are working in a start-up, you get to put your hands in all the areas and learn about everything. At the same time, I may end up becoming Jack of all Trades and Master of none or may be one. I don’t know. Right now, I am currently thinking of starting my studies again. It has been 3 years since I have graduated and I think it is the correct time for me to have a Management degree. I have been doing some basic research about the institutions and courses, but haven’t been able to find a right one yet. But hopefully, will find something soon. In the mean time, I will be giving CISA exam on Dec 13th. I will be doing the early bird registration this week.

Btw, I have started going to the gym again. Well I have been going since last 3 weeks and it feels good to workout. My mornings are really packed, with gym from 6:15am-7:30am and then catching the train at 8:30am with breakfast, shower etc in between. Sometimes it gets really hectic but then it is worth it. I have also registered for Mumbai Marathon. I will be participating in the half marathon. I have never run in one before, so have no idea if I can even run so much. But today was a very good start on the treadmill. I finished 2kms in about 12 minutes. I know treadmill and streets are different but still it felt good. I am aiming to improve the running stamina to 5kms by the end of this month and then another 5 by the end of September. I know high hopes, but then one can’t do anything without planning.

Anyways I have written a lot on this post.. I am going to shut up now and get back to work.

To abort or not to abort?

I am sure most of you are aware of the case, where the Mehta’s decided to approach the high court to allow them to abort their child/ fetus of 26 weeks old on the grounds that the unborn child has been diagnosed with heart complications. Yesterday, the Bombay high court rejected their plea on the grounds that they were not sure that the child could suffer from heart complications. Now, I am no one to comment on this case, but I feel that if such a situation has been diagnosed before the birth of the child, it is best to abort. Just today while returning from the gym, I saw a mentally challenged kid/ young man walking with his grandfather. This person could not even speak or walk properly. All the time while stumbling/ walking, he kept making a peculiar sound. After seeing him, my heart just felt for his parents and grandparents. I don’t know this kid, but even then I was feeling sad for him.. I wonder how sad is family would feel for him. I hope/ know they love him unconditionally, but at the same time I know they must be bleeding a thousand hearts when they see him struggle/ suffer. I guess this is life.. but a person should have the freedom to abort in such cases. What is the use of bringing life to earth when we know he/ she is going to suffer??