Rock on

Finally, I got a chance to watch Rock On on the big screen and to be honest, it was awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Farhan Akhtar is seriously talented. The music was also awesome. I really liked the closing number, it was really full of “Magik”. The best part about the movie was.. the message. You live only once, so do what you really like doing. There are so many people who are in jobs in which are totally in opposite to what they would want to be doing. I was speaking to my Bhabhs after watching the movie, and told her that I just want to enjoy my life and not worry about anything else. Just live my life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it. Do what I want to do rather than do something which I hate. I really hope I could end up doing that.

3 thoughts on “Rock on

  1. Trapped is the word…. when you want to do what you really want to and are not able to…I am sure your sentiments are echoed by many more of our generation….First step!!! how do we take the first step towards what we really want to do….?? Different circumstances….hindrances…… haunting for me…How do we remain dedicated…. to continue on the path we have chosen…Btw What is it that u want to do?

  2. oh : ROCK ON!!!! awesome movie yaar….Yes the closing no. was really nice.Farhan Akhtar : yeah he rocks yaar.Yup planning to go for the movie again, aur kuch nahi toh bas Farhan ko hi dekhne yaar on big screen.

  3. Farhan Akhtar…wowwwwSindhbad the sailor is an amazing songand the moment arjun rampal sets foot on the stage with his longg hair open and guitar is hand is an unforgettable moment in the movie…

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