Life in a busy lane

The last week has been pretty hectic for me work wise. I am now working from the Chembur office in Mumbai and have been shuttling between 3 offices. A lot of work has been thrown in my direction right from driving a certain process to developing a certain process and handling a new process. So a lot of things are there to be done. Right now, my number one concern is the commute. The commute is a bitch to be honest, both by car and train. It takes a minimum of one and half hours either by train or by car. The traffic in the city is horrible. There are way too many cars, buses, autos, animals and humans on the street. It takes forever to get from one end of the city to another. The train journey is also not any better. I have to change 3 trains to get to Chembur and traveling during the rush hour is just a train too many. Anyways, I guess this is how life is going to go on until I am here in this city. Really looking forward to going somewhere else.

5 thoughts on “Life in a busy lane

  1. then pls come back…hee hee hee…commuting to office was much easier for u here in kolkata…Isnt it!!!So, please think about kolkata before taking any decision of going somewhere esle.

  2. oye andheri se direct trains hai na to Chembur – 7.30 AM and 8.30 AM from platform 6/7 from andheri…train khaali bhi rehti haionyx kyu?? black and white?

  3. Hey onyxI did the same when I left CG to and I use to travel the opposite way from Chembur to Borivli. Going by the company bus was fine at 7.55 am but coming back was hell as there was no bus after 6 pm.Changing 3 trains and reaching home after a good body massage.Well I am back in the good old CG with the US time. Good relief.

  4. A commute and sentiment echoed by millions of other ppl in Bumbailand..I am not sure if ppl make the city heartless or the city makes ppl heartless

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