Inflation hits home

The prices of quite a few commodities have risen up in the last few days just when the overall inflation is coming down. Yesterday, when I Natural’s Ice Cream parlor a half kg tub of ice cream cost me Rs. 150, when a few weeks ago the same tub would have cost me Rs. 140. Today, I went down to get lunch in the afternoon and guess what the prices have risen at the Bollywood cafe, outside Big Bazaar at Phoenix Mills. The grill sandwich was costing 50 bucks now costs Rs. 60, a 500 ml Pepsi/ Coke which would have cost me Rs. 20 a couple of weeks ago now costs me Rs. 24. Clearly the prices have risen and has hurting me. I wonder where shall I go to eat the next time I am at my Lower Parel office.

3 thoughts on “Inflation hits home

  1. yaah.. i also felt the inflation.. i went for a chai and medu wada at parel.. the chai was Rs.10 and medu wada a small restaurant..bloody mcdonalds gives a burger at Rs.20.

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