The Politicization of Rahul Raj Singh

I am just amazed to see the reaction of the people and politicians in the newspaper articles, news channels and other forums where most of them are saying the boy was innocent. How can they say this, even after he shot a passenger in his thigh and tried to strangulate the conductor of the bus. The worst part is most of them are saying that the encounter is fake or cops should have somehow overpowered him. I dont know how this would have been possible. Here is a person with a live weapon and firing randomly, what is the police supposed to do? Approach him and be like pls lay down your weapon, wait for him to shoot/ kill a cop or wait for him to shoot more people. I believe the Mumbai police did the right thing. Instead of criticizing the police, they should be thankful to them that no innocent lives were lost. I dont consider the dead boy an innocent person since he had already committed a crime by shooting one person, trying to strangulate another one and hijacking the bus. The politicians from Bihar, North India should stop politicizing such issues and rub salt to the wounds of the family members of Rahul Raj.

3 thoughts on “The Politicization of Rahul Raj Singh

  1. Hi dude..seems your anger is bcoz u reached late to office.. i hav no sympathy for rahul raj but i felt that ther cud hav been a differnt approach.. firstly that guy was not on a shooting spree and was demanding to meet the commisioner.. so the police had enuf time to sort out things..negotiated to let off a few passengers.. they cud hav tranquilized him..used tear gas or water jets..diverted his attention..or bloody shot his arm off that carried the revolver..something planned..

  2. he didnt hit any passenger (Monoj Bhagat) even he has fired only 1 bullet in air …. and police had hide that bullet which hurt one passenger that mean he was hit by mumbai police firing…he didnt make hostage passenger even he said to people to get out from bus.. but that lady who is wearin (burka refuse to go out because she is scare from police force out side bus….No hostageno hijackno injureno charge of keeping katta (weapon) because it’s not belong to him…nothing he did ….he must be want to talk some hier officer because no trust on MNS mumbai police

  3. bhai akshay kumar. hero. jo newspaper mein likha hai usi ko 100 pratishat mat maan lo. sach yeh hai ke bihariyon ke saath bura bartav kiya jata raha hai kyonki bakiyon mein asuraksha ki bhavna paida ho jati hai pratibhavan bihariyon ko dekhkar. East or West, biharis are the best in the world. Bihar kabhi bihariyon aur non-biharis mein discriminate nahin karta. jai bihar.
    and go to hell raj thakre and supporters of his devillish ideology which creates rift in the minds of people. agar bihar hai to hindustaan hai. bihaar nahin to hindustaan nahin kyunki baaki sab chhote desh hai nepal bhutan ki tarah. please separate us frm indian union and the do whtever u want in ur state. else let us do whtever u want. you can't stop us frm possessing something which we deserve and that's plum jobs in every sectors whatever cowardice tactics u adopt against us.

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