New Beginning

I have recently moved to a new organization. It was difficult to say good bye to the team members and colleagues at my previous organization, since I have worked with them for such a long time. But as they say, all good things come to an end. My association with my previous Organization has also come to an end. Well my current organization is very different compared to my previous organization, starting from the culture to the nature of business to the way of dressing.. everything is different. While different isn’t bad, adapting to changes all across can get a bit challenging. However, so far, I feel I am doing alright. My team members are really nice and helpful. They have been setting up meetings for me with different people who have offered valuable insights into how this place operates.

Personally, I feel I have been given a gift of time. May be that feeling will change once I get involved with work here. In my previous organization, due to workload, I was really starved for time. Working 6 days a week, didn’t leave me with much time to do anything else. However, with 2 weekly off’s I feel I will be able to pursue some of things I didn’t have chance to pursue earlier. Earlier, a lot of my time used to go in traveling – may be approx. 4 hours a day. With my new job, the travel time has been reduced to almost 40 mins both ways. That has ended up saving a lot of time. I have already started going to the gym and the next thing I am looking to do is work on my writing – add new posts, write short stories, work on things I am really passionate about.  So I am looking forward to a lot of things. I hope I am able to work on the same.

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