Interesting Conversation with a Stranger

Last Friday, my wife was running really late and asked me to pick her up mid-way from her office. I reached the destination point a few minutes early and had just parked on the side of the road, when I saw a man staring at my bike. At first, I didn’t pay much attention, but then I made eye contact and asked him what the matter was. He didn’t respond, but just kept staring at the bike. After a couple of more minutes of staring he asked me:

Stranger: “Which bike is this?”
Me: “Yamaha R-15”
Stranger: “How fast does it go?”
Me: “I have read that the bike touches 150 kmph”
Stranger: “How fast have you driven?”
Me: “Approx. 105kmph, but my brother has touched 130kmph on the bike”
Stranger: “How much does it cost?”
Me: “Approx. Rs. 115,000”
Stranger: “Wow!! Even more expensive than Thunderbird??”
Me: “I think they are priced more or less the same”

Post this, he stared the bike for another minute or so, smiled and then left. Reminded me of the conversation I had with my cousin a few years ago when I was in Michigan. He had come to pick me up from the bus stop in his Jaguar and I asked him why you didn’t buy a BMW. He replied back saying that “A Jaguar will always turn heads”. I guess I can now understand what it means. An R-15 will always turn heads 🙂

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