Long Drive

This last Saturday, me along with my wife and my friend R and his wife decided to take our bikes to Marine Drive from our homes in Borivali/ Thane respectively. This was my first time riding the bike in South Mumbai. On previous occassions, the farthest I have travelled is Mumbai Central, so I was really looking forward to riding in the island city. The ride in itself was very comforting and relaxing. With saturday evening traffic, the 45 kms or so were easily covered in approx. 1 hr and 15 mins. After we reached Marine Drive, we parked near the Trident and enjoyed the sun set. Sometimes the simple pleasures of life – enjoying the sunset with your best friends – can leave lasting memories.

We then decided to go to Bade Miyaan, where R, his wife and G decided to hog on delicious non-veg food, while I was having Paneer Bhurji :(. The food was alright, somehow it seems the quality of food has deteriorated over the last couple of months (feedback given by a few friends). We decided to stop by Haji Juice Center to have desserts. The creme of Custard Apple was awesome and we decided to take the parcel home.

The evening ended with the ride back home. An evening well spent in the company of best friends.

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