Leh trek Update #3

So after 3 months of planning, mentally preparing myself and getting all the required things for the trek, the journey had begun. However, not on a very good note. One of my friend’s mom has become critically ill and had to be admitted to the hospital. She wasn’t feeling well because she had viral fever and the doctor had asked my friend to get her admitted to a nearby hospital as they can do the drips and get the condition better. My friend got her admitted to a hospital in the morning and after the doctors reassured him that her mom would be fine, decided to travel for the trip. While we were traveling, the doctors diagnosed her with dengue and started doing platelet transfusion as her platelet count was really low.

During the entire 10 hours my friend was in.the train, he kept thinking the worst and that’s when he got a call from his sister that doctor has said mom is critical. So he got down midway, traveled back and has just reached home. I hope and pray that everything turns well with his mom.

In the meanwhile, me and remaining 2 people have carried on with our journey. However, my mind is certainly not at peace and not happy.

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