Day 24/ 365 – Thor 2 – The Dark World

I will be watching this movie today – first day first show (atleast in Mumbai). Until a few years ago, I wasn’t even aware of the super hero called as Thor. All I knew were Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Phantom and I could say that I wasn’t a big fan of any of them. I didn’t keep up with the comics, or with the movies when they came out or for that matter television series (Smallville etc.). All that changed when I watched my first Batman movie and since then I try to see most of the super hero movies as and when they are released. At the same time, I have found a good friend, Saurav Roy, who is much more passionate about comic books and super hero characters and ensures that we watch any superhero movie first day first show. We watched The Dark Knight Rises – twice in the same day (first show and the last show). Booked the tickets for Superman – The Man of Steel, but couldn’t see it due some print issues all over Mumbai for the movie. Walked 4-5kms on pitch dark roads in Chandigarh to watch Wolverine while waiting to the catch the train next morning. And today we are going to see Thor 2 – The Dark World. Even though the movie is all about Thor, I like the character of Loki and it is played extremely well by Tom Hiddleston. He appears extremely calm from outside but full of anger inside. His manages this look very well and comes off as a smart calculating villain. Excited to know what he is up to in this movie. I really liked the first movie and I am hoping this one is even better than the first one.


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