Day 103/ 365 – Cola Beach, Goa

On the last day of our trip we decided to visit Cola Beach which is situated 8-10 kms north of the Agonda Beach. The beach is kind of secluded and you have to ride/ drive on dusty roads to reach there. The best part about the beach is that you have a fresh water lagoon on one side and a sea on the other side – both of them separated by the beach. I originally thought that the lagoon was sea water – however, on tasting the water realized that it is indeed fresh water. The entire scenery around the beach is absolutely stunning and reminded me of the back waters in Kerala.

Cola Beach Lagoon
Cola Beach Lagoon
Cola Beach Lagoon
Cola Beach Lagoon – with beach huts
Panorama shot
Panorama shot


Day 102/ 365 – Agonda Beach, Goa

A couple of weekends ago, me and wifey decided to visit Goa for the long weekend. We had been planning to go to Goa for a long time and the long weekend provided a perfect opportunity. Initially, we planned to go along with another couple friend of ours, however things didn’t work out and we decided to carry on with the trip alone. Booking tickets to Goa at the last minute is usually not advisable, but since we didn’t plan the trip couple of months in advance, we were left with no option to book the tickets in Tatkal quota and tatkal tickets are a little costlier as compared to the regular tickets and they can only be booked one day in advance of the journey. The IRCTC website took forever to book the tickets and at one point I wasn’t even sure that we were going. However, everything worked out well and we got confirmed tickets. The stay was not a problem as it wasn’t exactly peak season in Goa and accommodation was easily available.

Agonda Beach is approximately 32 kms away from Madgaon station. We hired a bike from Madgaon station (Pulsar -consumed a lot of fuel) and started our drive further south towards Agonda. The ride to Agonda beach through the highway is simply awesome. The single lane highway is very beautiful and driving on the slopes is good fun. Sad that the bike which we hired didnt have enough power. I would loved to ride my Bullet there. It took us about an hour to reach Agonda Beach. We had visited Agonda Beach earlier in 2011 along with my friend R and his wife B. R’s friend owns beach shack at the Agonda Beach (Hangout at Agonda) and we decided to visit the place. Since then, we (me and wife) have fallen in love with that place. Normally a lot of people prefer to go to North Goa, however, we prefer going to the South and relaxing at this beach. The best part about this beach is that it is not crowded. There are not many commercial activities which take place on the beach and hence resulting in fewer footfalls. Even this time we didnt see a lot of people as compared to some of the other beaches in Goa, however, we felt the number of people increasing this beach had increased as compared to our previous visit. The weather during the day time was humid, but the evenings were pleasant. The best part about the trip was that we were able to relax completely. Some vacations you just need to chill and not do anything – this was one of those vacations. We decided to not go anywhere – just explore locally and enjoy. In the morning, we would go to the beach, enjoy the cool waters, head back have a couple of drinks, have lunch and then again in the evening walk on the beach, come back, have a few drinks and have dinner. Sometimes doing nothing can also be fun. The entire weekend was spent doing this and it was one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating vacations I have had in sometime.

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Day 101/ 365 – New bike, new issues – Part II

Continuing from my previous post, I was extremely disappointed that the bike was behaving in this manner. I had all sort of strange thoughts going on in my head and basically all thoughts ended up with me thinking of selling the bike. The next afternoon, I happened to pass by the Enfield showroom and decided to go and check the status on the bike – in case if it was done. I spoke to the folks over at the Enfield showroom and expressed my disappointment. I even told them that I would like to return this bike and get a different piece. But as per them this was not possible as bike was registered with the RTO and I couldn’t simply exchange the bike (I am not sure – if that is really the case).  Even on that afternoon, the issue with the bike was still not resolved. At this point, I was really frustrated with the entire experience. I told them to call me once the bike gets fixed. They assured me that they would be doing that once they have an update.

Day 2 was also over and there was no update from the bike workshop. At this point, I was just exasperated. There was nothing I could do but just wait. On day 3, I finally decided to call up the bike workshop directly and asked for an update. The mechanic at the workshop told me that the bike was ready since yesterday evening and he didn’t have my number and hence couldn’t call me to explain the problem. The problem was caused because I had attached a leg guard to the bike. I got the leg guard fitted from another mechanic and while attaching the guard to the bike, the mechanic passed the wire through the clip, instead of outside.  This caused the wire to be damaged and caused the entire issue. I as very relieved to know that there was no problem with the bike – i.e. all the electrical wiring etc. was good. I asked the Enfield mechanic, if he had fixed the issue – he replied in affirmative and asked me to pick up the bike any time during the day. Later that afternoon, I went to the workshop and asked him to show me where the problem was (Pics to be shared later). I also checked with him, if the wiring had to be changed. He confirmed that the wiring was fine and it shouldn’t cause me problems any more. I was finally feeling better that the bike was alright and there wasn’t anything for me to worry about.One word on the customer service though – it was horrible. The showroom guys didn’t call me to inform that the bike was ready to be picked up. Couple of days back, they confirmed that bike was ready and when I went to pick up they said it wasn’t. I just wish they had done a better job.

It has been 4 days since I have picked up the bike and have been riding happily ever since.


Day 100/ 365 – New bike, new issues

As mentioned in my previous post, recently I brought a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350. Last week, while taking the bike out to drop my wife to the bus stop, the bike suddenly stopped working. It seemed that the bike had just stalled. The electrical system was not working. I tried to kick start the bike, it didn’t work. I tried to everything that I could think of, but the bike just wouldn’t start. At this point, I decided to take the bike to the Enfield showroom as that was near to my house. The only way to take the bike to the showroom was to push the 150kg bike on the road in the hot March sun. I really wanted to get the bike fixed as I had to take it work later in the afternoon. So I pushed the bike in the heat for about 30 mins, before I finally reached the bike showroom.

I explained the guys, what the problem was and they started working on the bike right away. After checking a few things, they determined that the problem was with the fuse and decided to put the spare fuse to use. I asked them how could the fuse blow up so soon. I had recently got the bike (not even 10 days since I took the delivery) and this was simply not acceptable. The guys at the showroom told that since the fuse is an electrical part – there are no guarantees for it. At this point, I just felt like killing them. Here, I have a paid a ton of money to get this bike and they offer such unreasonable answers. After changing the fuse, the bike started working again. I assumed the problem was resolved and just taken a U turn to head home, when the bike stalled once again. I once again took the bike to the showroom and told them what had just happened. The showroom guys asked me to keep the bike there and they would have it sent to the workshop. I told them I needed the issue to be checked properly and then fixed since I travel late in the night through a forested area and bike breaking down in the middle of nowhere is not an idea, I am very comfortable with. They assured me that it is a minor problem and they would have it fixed in no time.

I called them later in the afternoon to check how things were – as I had to take the bike to work. The showroom guys told me that the bike was done and I can come and pick it up. So I went to the showroom and saw that the bike had come from the workshop yet. I asked them to get the bike here and while they were asking for the bike to be delivered, the mechanic at the workshop said that there is some major issue with the wiring of the bike and he needs to check it thoroughly before he can confirm that there are no issues. Apparently, while he was taking the bike out  – the bike stalled once again. At this point, I was fuming mad at the Enfield guys and was cursing my decision to get this bike.

To be continued in next post.


Day 99/ 365 – No Time to read??

A few days back I happened to read an interview given by the new CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella. One of the points in the interview that really got me thinking was – how come a CEO of a company has so much time to sign up for online courses or read books? Also the types of books that they read are completely different than compared to what you and me would be reading. I am wondering how do they even find out about such books. Contrary to popular belief, as people climb higher in the organization the work pressure increases proportionately. And as work pressure increases, I am assuming it also increases the time spent in office. Also in this day and age most CXO’s are connected to work via iPads, blackberries, etc. I am sure they must be giving an equal amount of time to their families. So how does one really find time to read and read so many books?

I have been trying to understand that because since I have joined my current organization, my reading has become very minimal (except news).  One of my earlier CXO’s would make it a point to read a book for one hour each day. He also made it a point to work out in the gym every single day, spend time with his kid and wife and I used to be surprised how he managed to do all of that. One quality that I observed with him was, he was a stickler for time – never late to work, never late for meetings, always leave work around the same time – unless there were client meetings (and he still used to manage to read and workout). I guess that really worked for him. May be I need to prepare a routine where I am able to read at least for an hour each day and see how that goes. But it is time I pick up a good book and finish it. 




Day 98/ 365 – Thunderbird 350 is here

After 5 months of wait, last weekend I finally got the delivery of Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350. I was really excited to get the bike. When I arrived at the store, I couldn’t see my bike parked outside and was wondering where it was. I asked the RE guys and they said it is standing outside, and they haven’t put the number plates yet. I decided to go outside and check out the bike. Just as I was standing there and admiring the black beauty, another RE mechanic was trying to park his continental GT next to the bike and in the process broke the left side rear view mirror. Needless to say I was extremely pissed. Here, I havent even received the bike yet and the mirror had already broke. In the mean time, my dad who had also come to pick up the bike with me and brother started arguing with the RE guys and was generally disappointed because of what had happened. The RE guys apologized profusely, put on a new mirror and were like this is a good omen and dont worry about it. Soon after another RE guy arrived and started putting up the number plate. I decided to wait outside and watch him do his thing. While watching, all of a sudden a dead rat fell from a tree and I was like Oh Oh!! “Today is not a good day it seems”.

The number plates got fixed and RE guy started explaining all the bike features to me. There were a couple of things which I think RE could have done better in the bike – one of them is place where you can keep bike papers. There is a box which is given on the left side of the bike to keep papers and the medical kit. The lid of the box comes off completely and thus the papers and medical kit needs to be placed properly to ensure that the lid closes properly and papers don’t slip out. The other thing which I feel they could have taken care of is the petrol tank lid. While they have given a 20 liter tank, the lid of the tank comes off completely, instead of being attached to the tank. Getting to the tool kit, which is on the right hand side of the bike is also a pain. After explaining to me all the features and congratulating me on my purchase, I took the bike to the temple where the priest performed the pooja and the blessed the bike. Given all that happened a couple of hours earlier, I was sure me and the bike both needed the blessings. So far I have been commuting to work on the new bike and slowing breaking it in – which is not going over more than the speed of 50kmph, and everything is working like a charm. I am on my way to begin another riding chapter with RE Thunderbird 350.


@Trendulkar almost owned the internet!


Yes, @Trendulkar had almost owned the internet today by trolling Pakistanis during Pakistan v/s Bangladesh match and also after that. He became all Nagarjuna and played the role of One Man Army at trolling. Thought of summarizing the whole trolling process. Here is how it all started:

  • Initially, during the match, he started posting some usual quips.


  • He started jesting some more jokes further and finally came up with this ultimate photo which was circulated on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp all over the country.


  • Further, he gave a clarification about the same:


  • When Afridi started hitting as a responsible Pakistani player:


  • Meanwhile, he kept on posting some more puns:


  • Trolling went on further and Pakistanis had already started abusing him:


  • Some more quips:


  • .. And, ‘below the belt’ stuff started..


  • Here he goes again..


  • Trolling continues and on its way to own the internet:


  • ..And this:


  • When none of the…

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Day 96/ 365 – Movie Review Highway

Last Sunday, I finally got to see the movie Highway. I had been wanting to see the movie since the day it was released especially after watching the trailers. I found the movie to be a one time watch. Why you may ask? To know why..Continue reading ahead.

Warning: Spoiler alert.

The movie is about a rich girl in Delhi who feels trapped in her palatial house and how everyone expects her to behave nicely and in a sophisticated manner. The rich girl is on the verge of getting married and decides to sneak out of the house with her fiancée for a night drive in his car. While on the drive they stop to fill up petrol at the fuel station on the highway. Unknown to the rich girl and her fiancée there is a robbery going on at the same fuel station and robbers kidnap the rich girl. Thus begins the ordeal of the rich girl who is now kidnapped and travelling with the robbers. Initially she makes an attempt or two to escape, however, with the robbers  she finally feels free and starts expressing herself the way she wants. She starts feeling secured her kidnapper and asks him to not leave her, even though the leader of the gang tells her that he is not a good person and has even murdered people. They explore various places together and all the while the police is hot on their tail.

What I liked about the movie, the cinematography is absolutely brilliant. It is one of the movies that would make you want to forget travelling abroad and just explore India in its entirety on the road. The performance by Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda is also extremely good. Alia is extremely talented for someone so young and is definitely one to look out for. Randeep Hooda, plays a Gujjar to perfection.

I found the movie to be a bit long and found during some points that the story was not going anywhere. I would probably rate the movie as 6.5 on 10.


Day 95/ 365 – Last Ride on R15

I got my first bike Yamaha R15 in Nov 2010. I had booked the bike, even before I knew how to ride it. I actually learned how to ride a bike using my new R15. The bike was cynosure of all the eyes, strange and familiar. While riding the bike in the society complex, the eyes of the small children would light up when they saw the bike. The same could also be said about the strangers checking the bike out while I was riding out on the streets or on the highway. In all these years, this bike had been my constant travel companion – be it commute to work, driving to South Mumbai, doing road trips to Pune, Lonavala etc. and in all these years it has never given me a chance to complain. I loved the way it would take on the road and everytime I was riding it, I felt I was in safe hands. I am sure the bike felt it too. However, that association ended yesterday. I had recently booked a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 and I got news a couple of days back that my bike has been allotted and should be available in a couple of weeks. The plan had always been to sell off R15 and use that money to pay the down payment for the new bike. However, as the time to sell the bike kept getting nearer, I was in two minds – whether to keep the bike or sell it. I could have kept the bike and done some modifications etc and kept using it. However, I knew I would not able to use the bike fully as I would mostly be doing more work commute on the new bike. I didn’t want the bike to lay waste in the building garage, hence yesterday on getting a reasonable offer, I decided to sell it off. While taking the bike to the new owner, I realised that this was going to be my last ride on this bike and wasn’t feeling too good about it. As I looked at the bike for the last time, all the memories of our association flashed right by my eyes and brought tears. No one likes parting away with things that they love. The same was true for me. It was my first bike and shall always remain.

Last pictures of my bike in its full glory

WP_20140227_006 WP_20140227_007 WP_20140227_008