Day 99/ 365 – No Time to read??

A few days back I happened to read an interview given by the new CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella. One of the points in the interview that really got me thinking was – how come a CEO of a company has so much time to sign up for online courses or read books? Also the types of books that they read are completely different than compared to what you and me would be reading. I am wondering how do they even find out about such books. Contrary to popular belief, as people climb higher in the organization the work pressure increases proportionately. And as work pressure increases, I am assuming it also increases the time spent in office. Also in this day and age most CXO’s are connected to work via iPads, blackberries, etc. I am sure they must be giving an equal amount of time to their families. So how does one really find time to read and read so many books?

I have been trying to understand that because since I have joined my current organization, my reading has become very minimal (except news).  One of my earlier CXO’s would make it a point to read a book for one hour each day. He also made it a point to work out in the gym every single day, spend time with his kid and wife and I used to be surprised how he managed to do all of that. One quality that I observed with him was, he was a stickler for time – never late to work, never late for meetings, always leave work around the same time – unless there were client meetings (and he still used to manage to read and workout). I guess that really worked for him. May be I need to prepare a routine where I am able to read at least for an hour each day and see how that goes. But it is time I pick up a good book and finish it. 




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