Understanding Men

Read this somewhere and found it pretty interesting and true..

“In our society it is socially acceptable for women to feel. We can cry, we get all blubbery, we can pout, we get our feelings hurt, we can be scared of bugs and storms and those things-that-go-bump-in-the-night, we can be helpless when it comes to changing a tire … and the more we are these things, the more ‘female’ we appear. But men … poor men don’t have society’s permission to be emotional or weak or have fears or be incapable of getting things done. If a man walked into a club, rushed up to his male friends and started crying most people would think that something was wrong – terribly wrong! Because men just aren’t allowed to cry, or be scared, or feel.

What else does society not allow men to do? Not be a success. For instance, if Sally was unemployed and getting desperately low on funds, we wouldn’t think all too badly of her if she just finally up and got married, letting her new husband take over supporting her. But what about an unemployed man who marries for security? He wouldn’t be regarded with too much respect by our society, as we believe men are supposed to work hard, produce, provide, and be raving successes. In fact, we have come to view men this way so strongly that many men today are very uncomfortable around a woman that is more successful, or earns more, than he does. By society’s belief, and by everything he’s ever been taught – and even by his own primal instincts – he believes he should be the provider. You’ve heard it time after time after time, “no wife of mine is going to work!” or “I feel guilty because she earns more money than me.”

Now, let’s take Sally again. Sally can use her feminine wiles to catch the man she’s looking for. She can shake her little behind, and bat her eyes, and *poof* a man instantly appears to sweep her away. But what can a man do to catch a woman? Can he do the same thing? Of course not! He has to prove he has value and worth as a ‘man’. He has to be successful, be strong, and make women happy. Can you imagine how lonely our men must feel? Whew! They have been taught to be strong; be brave; don’t cry; be responsible; protect; don’t complain; die for your country; provide for your family; don’t feel; chin up; take over; don’t need anyone; don’t ask for help; etc. – and still they are in trouble by us all the time. Wow, when do we give them the permission to be real? How isolated man must feel! Imagine the pain, loneliness, insecurities, and longings you would feel if you were suddenly challenged to be a man. Men have been subdued by their primal instinct and by society. They are uncomfortable with their need to love and to be loved. Not only can he not feel comfortable to express love or allow love, he sometimes doesn’t even acknowledge love himself. He hides his heart, or denies his heart, under a false front of hardened indifference.”