Interesting Rant

MYTH: Women understand relationships; men don’t.

TRUTH: This myth is perpetuated by women, pussy-whipped men, and psychiatrists. If women truly understood relationships… that is, if they understood relationships with men… then we wouldn’t have a 45% divorce rate. Maybe back in the pioneer days women understood relationships. These days, they have coffee with their girlfriends, talk about “men”, examine and dissect relationships, study interpersonal dynamics, talk, talk, talk about what works and what doesn’t, then go out and perfectly screw up their next relationship. I know. I’ve watched it happen from the sidelines.

Women spend more time analyzing relationships; they talk about them incessantly, and in doing so discover more truths than men know. However, all of this talk in a vacuum also means that their heads are filled with more bullshit and myth than are men’s. The combination of superior insight and copious nonsense puts them right back where we are. Men tend to see what’s going on in a relationship more clearly, but have no idea how to express what they see or what to do about it. Women would probably know what to do about it if they could only see it as it truly is, instead of through a fog of preconception.

The other big difference between the sexes is that women are absolutely certain that they know what is going on, whereas men make no such claim. The last man who claimed to have his own radical theories about relationships was Freud, and nobody pays any attention to him any more. It is women’s ideas about relationships and why they do or don’t work that have been imported lock, stock, and barrel into the field of psychiatry. Most male therapists you’ll meet are basically honorary women with university degrees, and as such they don’t really understand relationships either.

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