Aamir Khan vs BJP and Quota policy

I have been reading quite a bit of this controversary on the net and still dont understand what the fuss is all about. I dont think what Aamir is saying is wrong. The people displaced by this project have to be rehabilated. The problem with all the government policies when it comes to rehabilitation is they displace people first, and then expect people to find temporary shelters for themselves and then finally they decide to build houses for the displaced people. This is just wrong. Before the government displaces people, adequate effort must be made to rehabilate effected people.

The same thing applies to the quota policy. The government says we will add more seats and also improve the infrastructure. Why doesn’t the governement do the latter first and then decide to apply the quotas. I am totally against the quota system. If the government wants quotas, there should be quotas at primary education level, so everyone when they come out of 10th or 12th are at the same level. Having quotas for undergraduate and post-graduation levels is just not justified. I understand that some people really need the quotas to get into the system, but then my message for them is if you are good enough you will make it no matter with or w/o quotas. I hope that government listens to the students and does not implement this policy. My support goes to the students in this battle and I hope they emerge victorious.