A time for war

I have been following the developments in West Asia very closely since the last week or so. As all of you must be knowing by now, 2 Israeli soldiers were captured by Hezbollah and now Israel is waging a war for them. If you look at it logically there is no sense in killing 200 people for 2 people, but then on this one I agree with Israel totally. You just cant have peace with some country, when they repeatedly breach your borders and kill your citizens. The kidnapping of the soldiers and the Mumbai bomb blasts took place exactly on the same day and here we are after 7 days still trying to find out what materials were used in the bomb, whereas Israel is already inside Lebanon and waging a war with Hezbollah. Our government knows exactly where these terrorists are, where they are based, how many camps they have, they know everything and yet they have not done anything. This leads me to wonder, do they really care for us?? Everyday we have bomb blasts in Kashmir, people dying, people getting injured and yet no serious action is taken by us. All we have are politicians talking about peace with the country that is harboring these terrorists. Did we see US talking about peace with Osama after 9/11? Did we see Israel exchanging prisoners for the 2 soldiers? I think this just shows the spine of the Indian Government. The Indian government is run by a bunch of cowards, who are only concerned with filling up their votes and their treasury banks. They laud our spirit, but dont realise we dont really have any other option, but to move on. How much longer will we be treated like this?? When will the government realise that Gandhism’s no longer work in this world. All that works is an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth.