A time for war

I have been following the developments in West Asia very closely since the last week or so. As all of you must be knowing by now, 2 Israeli soldiers were captured by Hezbollah and now Israel is waging a war for them. If you look at it logically there is no sense in killing 200 people for 2 people, but then on this one I agree with Israel totally. You just cant have peace with some country, when they repeatedly breach your borders and kill your citizens. The kidnapping of the soldiers and the Mumbai bomb blasts took place exactly on the same day and here we are after 7 days still trying to find out what materials were used in the bomb, whereas Israel is already inside Lebanon and waging a war with Hezbollah. Our government knows exactly where these terrorists are, where they are based, how many camps they have, they know everything and yet they have not done anything. This leads me to wonder, do they really care for us?? Everyday we have bomb blasts in Kashmir, people dying, people getting injured and yet no serious action is taken by us. All we have are politicians talking about peace with the country that is harboring these terrorists. Did we see US talking about peace with Osama after 9/11? Did we see Israel exchanging prisoners for the 2 soldiers? I think this just shows the spine of the Indian Government. The Indian government is run by a bunch of cowards, who are only concerned with filling up their votes and their treasury banks. They laud our spirit, but dont realise we dont really have any other option, but to move on. How much longer will we be treated like this?? When will the government realise that Gandhism’s no longer work in this world. All that works is an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth.

4 thoughts on “A time for war

  1. well I have the same opinion…our politicians will continue their “peace talk” while the terrorist grps will continue their activities…it was also a pity that the Mumbai blasts ate up soo much of media space …but the Srinagar grenade attacks always land up on pg7 or so….

  2. well was thr ever a doubt as to d current crop of politicians care or not???? they very clrly DONT atleast the majority is only interested in ensuring the financial security of their genrations to come.my poa in such a situation wud have been an instantaneus curfew in mumbai…nab d miscreants..so onyes i m in total agreement wid mehak…srinagar to bechara has become test grounds for new grenades fir bhi no actioan n mumbaipe bhi kuch first time to hua nahi hai….suddenly d big shots in mumbai think this needs to b hyped creates a hogwash about d entire issue yaps bout d spirit of mumbai n gets back to partyin d next day..every1 is selfish u n me included… jab tak mumbai mein blast nahi hua u n me were not motivated enuff to fight for kashmir…sad na?what is even frightening is apart from writing v hardly can do much about it………..

  3. Payal here….well i totally agree with you.. it has been so long that India has been trying this so called path of peace n all.. it dusn’t work now! times are changing n if u don’t have an attitude which spell sot loud “don’t mess with me”, ppl will run u down. same applies for countries. if india wants peace, it has to stop being vocal n start taking sum actions.. u know, like our age-old saying, “latton ke booth baaton se nahin mannte”… we as a nation need to show we have a backbone.. n stop being doormats to the world…

  4. Hi, I totally agree with you.. our politicians are only concerned with their votes and parties… Not about the Indian population on the whole.

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