Mean Women

I have been itching to write this post for quite sometime now. Its been sometime since the BEST introduced reserved seating for women in their buses. The other day I was travelling by it and happened to be standing near a seat reserved for just them. There was a school going kid, barely in 4th grade, sitting on one of the seats reserved for women and a guy sitting next to him. The entire bus is crowded, this lady comes behind me with her friend and asks the guy to give up the seat citing it was reserved for women. The guy apologizes and gives up his seat. So after she takes a seat, she sees her friend is still standing, so she asks the school going kid to give up his seat. The kid does not say much and gives up his seat. He had this huge bag pack, which must be heavy like anything, on this shoulders and he could barely stand with it. I was just amazed by how selfish that woman was. It was not like she was uneducated. She seemed to studying for her MBA. I dont think she will ever become a good manager. After seeing that incident I have decided not to give up my seat for any woman, unless she is old or if she happens to be my mother or my gf.