Who should take a back seat?

Yesterday while leaving for home, I had a very interesting conversation with my colleague. We were both talking about the increasing hours we were putting in the office and how that leaves no time for him to do anything else. He happens to be married and his wife is also a working woman, who like him puts in long hours. He mentioned to his wife about starting a family, so his wife was like..”Kids, do we have time for that?”

I honestly believe that once you have kids, then it is very much necessary for one parent to be at home. In my colleague’s case, the question becomes very difficult, who should take a step back in their careers? I guess staying in the male oriented society, it is obvious to assume that a woman should stay back and take care of the kids. But I dont think thats right. I dont think it is right to assume that women would sacrifice her career once you have a child. Even in the US, I have observed that women take a back seat when it comes to kids. I have only heard of a few cases where the wife joins the office a week or two after the birth of the child, while the husband takes care of the kid.

I dont understand.. Why is it so hard for men to take a back seat in their careers? Is it the social stigma that comes from the male not working? Or is it just pure male ego? Or is it just that men are not good at bringing up a child? I dont know. But I do know that it is not right to expect the wife to take a back seat in her career, when it comes to starting a family.