Will you accept someone who is not a Virgin?

I was asked this question yesterday and I replied “Yes, I dont think I will have problems, as long as she does not cheat on me.” So to this he said, “How can you accept a woman who has slept with another man?” I didn’t have a proper answer to that question. May be it was because I have stayed in the US for so long or may be because I dont look at someone’s past. But the entire conversation got me thinking, why is virginity so important? Why do people put so much emphasis that their life partner be a virgin? I asked a friend of mine the same question and this is how the conversation went:

Me: Would you have accepted A, if he said he was not a virgin?
Her: Hmmm
Her: Good question
Her: No
Me: why?
Her: Just No
Me: So you would reject him just because he slept with someone b4 u..but even though he loves u, cares for u and is really a nice person??
Her: Yes
Her: Definitely
Her: I just dont approve of this sleeping around business
Her: Guys just have one thing on their mind, when it comes to a relationship
Her: So if he (any guy) has slept with a girl..then he should go and love that girl and care for her
Me: Suppose he happened to be a in relationship, things happened but after that things didnt work out and they break up
Her: I dont approve of this
Me: So why do you think virginity is so important?
Her: Because sex is not a game.
Her: It is pure and involves a lot of emotional bonding.
Me: True

This got me even more thinking.. what is it that makes it so hard to accept someone who has slept with someone else before? Desperately seeking answers..