Friday– A day of all wrongs

Warning: Long post

Every 2nd friday it is time for me to pack and head home and usually every one of those Fridays I am busy and always thinking if I am forgetting anything. This past Friday was also no different. The morning went unbelievably smooth and I wondered whether the 2nd Friday jinx has been broken. I was merrily going about my stuff until 1:40pm, when I recieved a phone call. It was from a fellow blogger Nabeela. A couple of weeks ago we had decided that we would catch up for lunch when she was in the city on the 22nd. I totally forgot that it was the 22nd and I am supposed to have lunch with her. I was really pissed off at my self for not writing it down in my calendar or my book or on anything. There was no ways I could leave office early that day, so I asked her if she could come over to my office, which again is a weird thing to do. I am really thankful that she refused that offer. So I asked her when her flight would be leaving, since I would be heading to the airport in the next 4 hours also. As it turnes out she was supposed to fly out at 7:30pm and my flight was at 8:30pm. So I told her I would catch up with her at 6pm. Nabzz, if you are reading this blog.. I am very sorry for what happened this past Friday.

Usually I leave office at 6:45pm, but on Friday I left at 5:35pm. The taxi driver was driving like a maniac and got me to the airport at sharp 6:00pm. With my luck being the way it was, after sending countless sms’ I still couldnt get hold of her. I was all alone at the airport eating the box of chocolates I got for her for about 2 hours. The only good fortune was the flight was on time (for the first time, I have been flying this flight since last 3 months now and it is always late).

The take-off was pretty smooth and I was enjoying the Kingfisher experience. And then Friday jinx played its part again. The air hostess was serving the dinner and asked me what I would like to have, so I replied Vegetarian please. It seems she ran out of the veg. trays, so she told me she would be back in a few mins. So then, I waited and waited and waited and kept turning around to see if the food was still being served. Finally I saw the air-hostess bring out coffee and I was like, where is my food??. By that time I was seriously starving. So then, I finally asked her what my stomach had been asking me for the last 15 mins. SHe said she would be back in a sec. In the mean time, another air-hostess who was serving coffee saw my distress signal and asked me what I needed. I dont know whether she was new or a regular crew member, but she somehow lost control of her coffee tray and as luck would have it she dropped the hot coffee right next to my feet. Luckily it didnt fall on me or burnt me anywhere. I finally got the food, which was not on the menu and it really sucked. I had some rajma, some roti and some weird subji. Also a bread pudding as dessert. They told me they had run out of vegetarian food and this is all they have for veg. stuff. Almost every crew member started apologizing and I was angry, but couldnt do anything about it. They were all very pretty and I was like it is not good to be rude to pretty ladies. I think Vijay Mallya is very smart. He hires good looking ladies, because he knows men usually cant argue with pretty ladies ;). So everytime they would pass me, they would ask me if I was ok or if I needed something else. At one point of time, I was like yes yes yes.. please give me your telephone number, may be we can catch up for coffee sometime when you are in Mumbai :P:P. Unfortunately, I didnt do anything like that and left it at that.

The landing was on time and I was like finally the day is over, but no there was more trouble brewing for me. It took me 50 mins to get out of the airport. Too many holiday travellers and too few baggage belts. So finally I got home hungry and tired and was hoping mom had made something special, as it turns out there was nothing special, just plain dal and roti. Oh well.. something is better than nothing, so yea after my quick dinner, watched some TV and then went off to sleep. All in all it was an alright day. Worst things could have happened. So yes.. I did enjoy my Kingfisher experience.

7 thoughts on “Friday– A day of all wrongs

  1. He cud not meet Nabeela…n ate the box of chocos all by rude :p

    ROFL @ “They were all very pretty and I was like it is not good to be rude to pretty ladies. I think Vijay Mallya is very smart. He hires good looking ladies, because he knows men usually cant argue with pretty ladies ;)”

    I have had v v bad experiences at the conveyor belts…2/3 flts baggage on 1..with no trolley’s…ppl pushing you from all sides….

    Anyways, Have a nice time with your family n friends in bby…Season’s Greetings & HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!

    Do majja ok.

  2. Oh my, how funny! Lol..Its v funny and why the heck didn’t u try to get their numbers man? πŸ™‚

    Seasons greetings babes..Have fun with the family

  3. @Mehak, I was starving yaar and I didnt want to pay Rs.50 for the sandwich at the airport.

    Well about the pretty ladies.. it is true.

    Yes, I am having a very good time here. πŸ™‚

  4. Bhulakkad…..
    Kabhi hamein na bhula dena maar padegi…

    Kyun Bhai.. Air hostess ka no. kyun chahiye aapko???

    and Vijay Mallaya sure shot is a smart guy…but u r guys are fools… infact table fans….zara ladki dekhi nahin ki neck idhar udhar move karte rehte ho…… No wonder Mallaya khub jaante tum ladkon ki kamzori πŸ˜‰

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