2007 wishlist

Oh well, 2006 is over and I dont think I made a wishlist for that year and but this my wishlist for this year. Some of them as you will read below are meant just for me, while some are meant for everyone. At the end of this year.. we will come back to see if I did get any of the things I wished for.

1. Peace on earth

2. No more children dying from hunger

3. No more corruption from our dear Netas

4. A Guitar

5. An iPod

6. Going to Ladakh for trek

7. Last but not the least a Thinkpad.

There are quite a few items missing in the list here, but I will probably get them later this year or there is always next year. I am going to open up a donation jar, so pls feel free to donate for the last 4 noble causes. I assure you I will use your funds with no discretion and will get the best of everything listed above. Thanks for your donation. 🙂