My work mates…

I usually dont post much about my work on my blog.. but this is something that I had to post. This happened between a colleague from my project and a colleague from a different project. It seems we have this cold war going on between our projects and hence there is not much friendly interaction. But anyways.. so my project colleague, S, was sitting on the left side of the window in the car and we were waiting to pick up M, from the another project. Well M comes and she opens the left side door, while S was leaning on it. What happens next is best described in the conversation below..

S: I could have fallen. Didnt you see I was sitting here?
M: How do I know you were sitting here?
S: You should have got in from the other side.
M: Does anyone get in from the wrong side?
S: You could have atleast noticed if anyone was sitting here or not.
M: The glass is tinted. I could not see.
S: You could have seen if you had tried to see
M: Strange girl!!

Obviously this conversation was in bengali so I might have missed a couple of sentences.. but I enjoyed the cat fight to the fullest. I hope 2007 brings me lots of these. Buhahah