Cooking and me

Yes.. I have finally started to cook again. I believe I have taken up cooking again after 6 months. The reason for that is I have been eating outside food since the last 3.5 months and it has caused serious health problems for me. Since moving to Kolkata, my acidity levels have gone up and sometimes it has been so bad that I would wake up in the middle of the night clutching my chest really tight or even puke. Also according to the doctor, my body is not getting the sufficient intake of protiens and vitamins it needs and so the best thing for me would be to stop eating outside. And yes, my dear mommy, my friends and my colleagues they have all been saying this for ages that stop eating outside. So yes, I have finally decided to stop eating outside food and start cooking everyday from this week. The menu for today is Alu Gobhi.. and you all are invited. 🙂