They have the power to make or break a heart. They have the power to make someone smile or make someone cry. They have the power to make or break a government. I recently discovered the power of words, when I said something that I didnt mean and hurt someone very close to me real bad. I think from now onwards I am going to think before I speak anything. Usually I dont think much before I say anything and I have been told many times to think before saying anything. An arrow released from the bow and words once out of the mouth cannot be brought back. I realize this now and I just hope that someone forgives me.


This week so far has been absolutely busy for me. I have been practically living in my office.. morning I am there before anybody on my floor shows up and in the evening I am there until the next day morning. So after working my non-regular hour on Monday evening I was returning home, when me and a colleague of mine got involved in a car accident. It was around 12:30am and we had just dropped a lady colleague and were heading home. We were taking a U-turn and there was a fast approaching truck coming from our left. The truck driver started flashing his head lights, which either our cab driver didnt see or chose to ignore. The truck driver on seeing that the car is still turning, instead of slowing down decided to continue at the same pace and pass through the left side of the road. Unfortunately there wasnt much space for the truck driver to do that and instead of going to the left, he rammed into our car. Since our car was still turning it got hit on the left side.. where I was sitting. I was totally shaken my impact. I hurt my knee and my shoulder, while my colleague was hit on his knee. The truck then hit brakes and then swerved to the right and then tipped over. We were fortunate that in this accident neither party was badly hurt. The truck driver suffered a minor leg cut, while we escaped with some bruises. We were lucky that night, we were in an Ambassador and not an Indica or another small car else it could have been a lot worst. Oh well.. now everytime I pass through the route (which is everyday) I just think of what could have been and how lucky me and my colleague were.

Long time no post

I have been pretty busy the last couple of weeks (ok I was also lazy some of those days) to post something new. I guess the lazy period is over and now I am back with a small bang. At this very moment at lot of things are going on in my mind.. Life is full of so many choices.. right now I have a choice to walk on the path that I have walked before or do something which I have never done before. Well.. to be more detailed.. to go to the US or no. I have been there and I have walked through that path before. The other option I am right now considering is to find work in Europe. This for me is going to be very new, something which is similar to the path I have taken before, but not the same. The last option would be to stay back and keep working here. This is something I wanted to do until a couple of days ago before I had my first brush with Indian managerial system. I will write about it in some other post.. but after that incident I have sort of lost interest in working here. Lets see though.. I have to decide everything by end of March. I still have sometime to decide but.. I feel it is too less. Oh well..