This weekend I celebrated Holi after 6 long years. I never played holi when I was in the US even though the Indian Student Association did organise some awesome holi parties in the university. To be honest, I wasnt so keen on playing holi since I had not played in a long time and plus most of the people whom I grew up playing holi with, were no longer present. The apartment complex where I stay, did organize a holi function so I decided to just go down and see how things were. After having jalebi and dhokla (come on people, I am Gujju after all) I decided to take leave and made up my mind, I am staying home this holi. I returned home to watch some TV (ohh dear TV I miss you soo very much, my place in Kolkata does not have one, so every time I am in Mumbai I am just hooked on to it.) There was nothing much going on and I decided to take a peek down the window to see how everyone was enjoying. When I saw all the kids playing holi, I decided I too will go down and enjoy with them. To be honest, it was a blast. I thoroughly enjoyed getting drenching others and applying color to everyone. Well, I wasnt spared either. The ladies in the apartment complex colored me all red. I played holi for a couple of hours after which we decided to play cricket in the afternoon. The evening was spent with meeting old friends and catching up with them. Overall it was a pretty colorful day, it would have been even more colorful had certain people showed up.. but oh well.. there is always next time.

Me all colored (I look weird)