Three things I miss about the US

Its been 9 months since I left United States and I should say that while I am happy here, some part of me still wants to be there. Here are three things that I miss the most about the US..

1. New York City: I have been here quite a few times and to be honest every single trip has been awesome. I have enjoyed a lot whenever I have been to New York, be it just for enjoyment with friends or serious job interviews. I like the pace of the city, the wealth, the power, the night lights.. everything associated with NY.

2. Starbucks coffee: I am not a huge fan of coffee, but I really liked the atmosphere at Starbucks. I would usually just go there after work in the evening with a novel or my laptop, order a frappuccino and sit there for hours without being bothered. The other reason I like this place is I interviewed for my current job here.. hehe

3. Chiptole: The most satisfying burrito for $5.95. I was introduced to it by my roomies and since then it has been one of my favorite places to grab a bite. The food is not only good but extremely filling also. The good part for me was a buddy of mine was a manager at one of the Chipotle outlets and he would get me free burrito coupons and when he moved he would even send me those coupons via mail. I wish they had a Chipotle here.. man would it make some awesome business.


So yes, the weekend was not so fun. I had a tough time handling the lizards but the good news is most of them are gone (I think so). I also sealed up most of the places from where they might be entering the room/house. Lets see how long the peace lasts.

On the other hand, I did enjoy the rest of my day yesterday, watching movies. I watched Superman Returns and American Desi. I remember watching the latter when I was in my university. It is one of my favorite movies. It is about an Indian-American kid who hates everything Indian. He leaves his house hoping he wouldn’t be facing anymore Indian things in his life, but to his bad luck all his roommates are Indian and he falls in love with an Indian girl. The movie shows how the guy starts warming up to his roomies and how they help him get the girl. The movie is extremely funny.. I would recommend everyone to see it.

Oh well, the weekend is over and it is back to work week. I have too much pending to finish this week. Next week, we have a new guy starting and I will be caught up in training him. I am just hoping things go well and I am able to finish everything on time.