News from my life

I have taken up French training which is being offered at work, so now I am usually at office from 9:30am in the morning until 10:30-11:00pm Mon, Wed and Friday. The course is going to last until July, after which I will be able to give A level exams in French. The exams are conducted by the Ministry of Education in France and the classes are conducted by Alliance Francaise. The reason I decided to go ahead with French was because I thought it will be kewl learn a new language. And it will also probably help me find a job later on in EU. I am hoping that I will get good enough to write a post in French pretty soon (obviously with translation).

The other news is that I am also now learning to play the guitar. I brought myself an acoustic guitar this past weekend. (Photo will uploaded soon). This also removes one item from my wishlist. Now, I am an absolute newbie when it comes to playing the guitar, but I am learning. I have a couple of e-books to start with, though I dont know what would be better; to learn via an instructor or via books. The aim is to learn to play something by the end of April. Lets see how it goes..