Bomb blasts in Jaipur

Another terrorist attack in India. This time the city targeted was Jaipur, the Pink City, in Rajasthan. The city, I believe has no past history of communal violence. It is very sad that 80 people died and countless other lives affected for absolutely no reason. Every year there is atleast one terrorist attack in India. I find it very surprising that inspite of such increased terrorist activity, the government is not able to do anything. This is a major problem and it requires a very different way of solving. I dont think the Intelligence Bureau or Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) in India are any good or do they have sufficient funding to fight something like this. I am also sure if confronted, they will come and show us statistics that we have prevented so and so attacks and will also tell us, we cant stop all attacks (which I agree too). What I am more worried about is the frequency of such attacks. 9/11/2001 was a major terrorist attack. It will be 7 years since that day this September and America has gone ahead and turned half the world against them, but still we don’t see terrorist attacks reported in that country. Some of the steps they have taken are pretty drastic, but I guess drastic problems require drastic solutions. I would just like to end this post by offering my condolences to the people and their families who lost their near and dear ones yesterday. May Peace be upon us, really soon.

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