Three things I miss about the US

Its been 9 months since I left United States and I should say that while I am happy here, some part of me still wants to be there. Here are three things that I miss the most about the US..

1. New York City: I have been here quite a few times and to be honest every single trip has been awesome. I have enjoyed a lot whenever I have been to New York, be it just for enjoyment with friends or serious job interviews. I like the pace of the city, the wealth, the power, the night lights.. everything associated with NY.

2. Starbucks coffee: I am not a huge fan of coffee, but I really liked the atmosphere at Starbucks. I would usually just go there after work in the evening with a novel or my laptop, order a frappuccino and sit there for hours without being bothered. The other reason I like this place is I interviewed for my current job here.. hehe

3. Chiptole: The most satisfying burrito for $5.95. I was introduced to it by my roomies and since then it has been one of my favorite places to grab a bite. The food is not only good but extremely filling also. The good part for me was a buddy of mine was a manager at one of the Chipotle outlets and he would get me free burrito coupons and when he moved he would even send me those coupons via mail. I wish they had a Chipotle here.. man would it make some awesome business.

15 thoughts on “Three things I miss about the US

  1. Yeah US has its charm….but apna desh apna hota hai…NY is an awesome place….city of lights…a totally happening place to be….an a lucky one too in your case.well all I can say for chipotle is yuuuuummmmm 😉

  2. (Aww, you added me to your blogroll! I seriously need to update mine, and you’ll be there!)I’m curious as to where you spent your time in the States? I think I’d feel the same way if I spent time in another country and then returned home. I fall in love easily, and I could see myself going somewhere and not wanting to leave.

  3. @Geets, I know. I didnt say I didnt like Mumbai, but you have never been to NY.. so comparing NYC to Mumbai is not fair on your part.@la anonyme: What do u mean “an a lucky one too in your case”? @Keshi, No we dont have Starbucks here. We do have Barista, Cafe Coffee Day and Mocha.@SweetK, I spent most of time in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia. Though I have pretty much covered everything on the east coast of the US. @Kits, I believe you will get “that quality” of life soon. To be honest, sometimes I miss it too.

  4. Oh, you mos def should come to Oklahoma next time you’re over. A lot of people would tell you otherwise, but it’s one of America’s best kept secrets. The people here are SO nice. 🙂

  5. @SweetK, I am not sure as to when I am heading to the US again. But sure, I will try and come over to the ‘Sooner State’. I still dont know why is it called that??

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