Kingfisher First

A couple of weeks ago I travelled Kingfisher first class. The experience was sudden and at the same time very much awesome. It so happened that I had booked my tickets on late Friday night for Saturday morning flight. When I got to the airport, I was told that the flight has been overbooked and since I am a Gold card member with them, I have been bumped up to first class. I was very much surprised. Usually I don’t wear anything extraordinary while traveling, just jeans and some t-shirt. The t-shirt that I was wearing that day was very much faded out and I had not even shaved. So I did feel like I am a bit out of place, since in first class you expect a lot of business types with suits etc or some famous celebrity (today every celebrity is famous). I tried to protest the bumping up from economy to first class, but sensing that it would look stupid on my part decided to just board the flight.

As soon as I seated, I got served with a drink called Sparkle (I think it was just Appy Fizz with cherry popped in). The best part about first class is the seating, you get plenty of leg space + extra recliner seats. Ohh and I forgot to add the headphones which they provided, I think they were noise reduction ones. Once the flight took off, the air-hostess came and handed me a big menu card, which had plenty of food options (veg and non-veg). The size of the menu card was almost 20 times as huge as the one they hand out in the economy. So after a while, the air-hostess came and asked me if I wanted to have corn flakes for breakfast and something from the main menu. I was like hell yeah!! So I ordered my milk and cereal breakfast along with fruits and then something vegetarian from the main menu. The tray in the first class is almost twice as wide as the trays in the economy. The food was very good and I enjoyed eating Cinnamon buns. After the sumptuous meal, I just decided I have had enough, when the air-hostess asked if I wanted any hot chocolate.. I wanted to have it, but then I was too full from the meal and declined the drink. The rest of the journey was spent relaxing in the recliner chair and sleeping. They really treat you like kings on Kingfisher. Btw, my return trip was also bumped to first class. It is also true that once you go first class, you dont feel like going back.

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